Motherboard / Processor / Graphics Card / PSU

    Basically I am looking to upgrade my PC as it's getting old.

    Only think I have a preference for are the following:
    Core 2 Duo processor (is quad worth it at the moment?)
    GeForce 8800 GT/GTS/GTX graphics card (512MB if possible)
    And of course a decent mobo and PSU that can power the CPU and graphics card.
    Budget - less than £500

    Been a while since I upgraded, which sites offer the best bundles?
    Any recommendations?


    do you interest AMD cpu? i have got a x2 5000+ black edition system. with 8800gts, 2gb memory, 250gb hard drive, all in perfect condition.

    I'd imagine it'd be very difficult to get that spec for under your 500 quid budget. A decent quad-core cpu will cost about £150 (i'm thinking the 6600 C2D) on its own; and I certainly recommend buying a decent motherboard and PSU to support your setup (£50+respectively for each. If you can salvage a few components from your old pc that will help the cause (maybe the monitor, hdd, cd/dvdrom etc.)

    I had the same intention as you when I started building my pc april last year. I ended up exceeding my budget by about £300 after purchasing the TFT and 8800GTS 320mb (this is for sale soon if you're interested).

    if your still after a comp i have one i was thinking of selling

    8800 GTX
    good efficent power supply
    C2D at 3GHZ
    gigabyte mobo (forget the name but will try update when i get home and have a look Ds3 something..)
    4 Gigs of V.Good ram

    250GB HD


    will do for £350 + delivery (or you can collect for free)

    I also have a Dell 3007 HC Screen if your interested. £500

    let me know if your interested and ill try take some photos ect
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