Motherboard Upgrade Advice Needed

    Im wanting to upgrade my pc with an intel Q6600 quad core and was wanting to know if there are any good socket 775 Motherboards with a HDMI output and also an optical output for connecting to my dolby digital receiver? Im also looking for 3 pci slots if possible as most of the models ive seen only have the 2 pci along with the pci express slot, I have a budget of £100 for the motherboard but cant go any more than that.Also can someone recommend a good heatsink (not too large though)for the quad core as im thinking about overclocking it.
    Thanks in advance.

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    The ones that only have 3-4 slots overall are mATX (micro ATX) boards, an ATX motherboard will have 7-8 slots, so you should easily be able to find one with at least 3 PCI slots as well as PCI-E 1x and 16x slots. Check your case will fit them though, especially if it as originally part of a prebuilt computer. With £100 you've got no shortage of choices.
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