mothercare/Elc birthday club 20% off voucher

Found 5th Oct 2015

I have a code from mothercare/elc for 20% off toys that expires on Friday, I won't be using it so if anyone can use it let me know and I will send it over

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hi could I have the code please could you pm me?

Original Poster

Yes, of course! I will do it now

Original Poster

I have just tried and it says you don't have private messaging enabled?!

how do I put that on?

try now

Original Poster

I think it's in your profile settings somewhere - there's usually some tick boxes!

Original Poster

It's still saying no, you might have pms enabled but I think there are options about who you can receive pms off, such as admins only, etc

it's says it's on so I don't know why it ain't working

Original Poster

Hmm, I'm out at the moment but will try using the computer later to do it as sometimes the app can be funny!

I will pull up a chair and wait in line if this falls through, we need to buy granny a buggy and car seat.

Original Poster

It still won't work I'm sorry

Original Poster

It's a birthday club code donkii so will only work on toys.

That's fine, I'm sure I could find something, no biggy but if your not going to use it let me know.


You dotn have ur private messaging enabled so I couldnt thank you... so I will thank you here.... thank you :D, much aprreciated.

Original Poster

You're welcome, that's strange as I had received pms in the past - just checked my settings and it was on receive from admins only?!? Hope you find lots to buy!
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