Mothers face the worst discrimination @ work in the UK

    UK work culture in general still yet to escape the "lads club" from the last century and expect workers to be flexible for their work, rather than the work being flexible for the worker imo....…xml…tml…stm…tml


    tell me about it .... I still get paid far less than the guys I work with, some that are far less able to do the job than I am :x plus I still have to put up with / ignore all the sexist crap they think is "funny" :-(

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    IIRC average man in the UK earns £32k, average woman 23k.

    Massive difference comparable to developing countries really because of sexist attitudes.

    Too many employers believe the normal family unit is what they expect their workers to be setup upon so refuse to become flexible.
    Single parents is fast growing with a large percentage representing most families, employers could soon be taken to court if they carry on like this I think as it'll start to encroach on EU Human Rights of equality etc.

    They always have been discriminated against at work, i used to be a manager and i was told by head office not to take on mothers with young chidren as they had too much time off when kids were ill :x but the only people who wanted the few hours the company were offering were mums.I ignored them anyway and took who was best suited for the job which in most cases was mums with young children and most of the time they had less time off than the people with no kids .

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