Moto 360 sport v2. Where has stock at the best price?

    Fancy a new gadget. Current Tomtom watch I use for running is basic and lies to me about my mile splits. Have a SW3 which I hate, as the GPS on it is awful when running as it doesn't like moisture.

    Looking at the M360 sport v2. Motorola website doesn't seem to have it in stock, so unable to see which codes will work/stack there (I'm a student).

    Anyone got one, recommend it for running? I have decent watch I wear for going etc and don't use a smart watch for normal day to day. Just ideally decent GPS and the ability to track a run.


    If you're just looking for a watch for running and don't need/want smartwatch functionality, you might be better looking at a dedicated running watch? I've read mixed reviews of the GPS accuracy on the 360 Sport. I use a Polar M400 and can highly recommend it. (I also have an SW3 which I like apart from the GPS, which is rubbish!) There's also a new Polar running watch, the M600, which runs Android Wear.
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    I've had countless running watches and u don't seem to have any luck with them my first garmin was by far my favourite but its been superseded by tons of others. I've a TomTom runner at moment and I dislike it as it doesn't give a lap summary unless you synch it to the phone.

    Just fancied something I can have my music on, does hrm and obviously decent GPS. Don't want another TomTom. My mate at the harriers has a polar watch (he does iron mans) and he hates it as it's massive.
    Thanks for the help.

    Moto 360s are the lick
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