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    Hi, been having a problem recently with my mobile re-charging, so decided to look at replacing it with the Moto G. I'm not sure whether to go with the Moto G Play, G4, or I believe there may be a G5 due to be launched at the end of the month, so may hold off? any recommendations? I had a look last night and found that the Moto G Play appears to have been discounted a few times on HKUD...


    If you can get the G4 Play at £80 then it's a good budget phone for that. The proper G4 with 2gb ram is a decent phone but pricey for what it is if you ask me

    I have the Moto G4 and absolutely love it, it's a great phone and great price. Considered the G4 Plus for the quick charger and better camera but thought it was too much more to pay - if it goes down in price I will definitely get one. Just depends on what you want to spend really.

    Moto G4

    get the Moto G4, definetly not the G4 play as it has too small memory and basic camera…080?hash=item4d496d8918:g:X7oAAOSwXeJYKvnM
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    Depends on your usage and how much you want to pay. Moto G4 can be got for about £130 and is better than G4 Play which can be got for £80-£90. Both good phones at that price and my son uses G4 Play without any complaints.

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    Thanks for your answers everyone, much appreciated. I'm going to see what happens at the end of the month and try and get one of those G4's. I've had a Moto G before a while back, was impressed with it at the time.
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