Moto G text converting to mms problem

Found 27th May 2014
Can anybody help? We have a moto g and when I get over so many characters on a text it converts it to a mms. Anybody know how to disable it?
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Think that's a limit on SMS not the actual phone
Best solution I could find as to use an alternative SMS app like Handcent
There will definitely be a setting
I have not got android so cannot help
If I put a smiley in a text my phone automatically changes to mms could it be something like this, I warned my contacts that I can't afford to smile anymore I'm with 3 btw
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I'm not sure whether you're stating that, ding, or asking it? It's … I'm not sure whether you're stating that, ding, or asking it? It's unusual for a smiley as such to change a message from SMS to MMS but certain 'characters' (smileys or even foreign language accented characters) were causing sms to be converted to mms in some messaging apps. A lot of noise about all this sort of stuff kicked off again when Hangouts started being pushed as the stock messaging app in Android (as it's not particularly customisable, and it seems the devs forgot that the rest of the world doesn't get free sms and mms like many US contracts commonly come with).A lot of people like the more granular control with apps like Handcent (or several others). Choose to disable MMS conversion for large text messages and also for group messaging. Can't say I've ever been charged for a smiley myself - and I stick with Hangouts too. After a bit of digging around it was also found that the UK network providers convert SMS to MMS at different points. It's usually expected to be at anything past 3 SMS messages (so 480 characters), but different networks were applying things slightly differently it seemed, or at least reserved the right to do so in their T&Cs and/or when they were queried on their policy. The app is what would decide to send it as an SMS or MMS though, so it was all rather befuddling and inconsistent.Personally, I've never had a problem with o2 or 3 using mySMS, the stock messaging app in pre KitKat Android, Hangouts, or 8Messaging, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence on the web of other people having been caught out in one way or another.Best off using an 3rd party app, as dcx says, with more granular control to be as certain as you can be (if you have been charged in the past or you think you are likely to be in the future due to how you message).

I was asking the op if he/she was using smilies, I just don't use them anymore or use whatsapp instead it's not a problem,
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Thanks for all your replies. Had a Google around last night and I couldn't find a fix, but believe me I did look. It is the Mrs's phone so will look at installing a different text messenger app when she comes in.
At the network an SMS is 140 bytes maximum. Phones will let you compile a message as long as you like but will use some cleverness to break them into chunks of 140 bytes and then reassemble them on the receiving phone. Usually the network limits the number of chunks to 5 or 10 (this uses 3 of your bytes per chuck - which means you have less characters).

To make things more complicated, it depends on what characters you type. If you only use GSM character set (google GSM 03.38) then you can get 160 characters per 140 bytes as each character uses 7/8ths of a byte. But if you use extended characters like smileys, then all characters will use 2 bytes - meaning you only get 70 characters per 140 bytes.

When you exceed the number of chunks, some apps will convert your message to MMS. The Android Messaging App does this & this is what the Motorola Moto G uses.

As far as I can tell, there is no setting to say "don't convert to MMS" - you just have to watch the indicator in the right of the typing pane.
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