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Found 7th Aug 2014
Hi! Does anyone know a cheap way to unlock a moto g 4g? It was bought at tesco last week. Thanks!

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Try here, it's only £1.69 delivered. But notice the disclaimer on the Ebay auction itself. Apparently there is a problem unlocking Motorola phones sold by Tesco at present.

The seller even has a deal thread on HUKD. linky
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Thanks. I've tried 2 sellers from eBay but they couldn't help. Will let you know if it works.
no it didn't :'-(
best phone ever made
What did the guy say when you asked?
That he couldn't help if it's the 4g version from tesco.
I might just pay £20 for a Tesco unlock

Owwww... sorry to hear that.

The below is what was posted by someone on the XDA Devs forum.

There is a database issue with the Motorola service - affecting MOTO 4G … There is a database issue with the Motorola service - affecting MOTO 4G handsets (and some E)..All submissions made Monday/Tuesday were rejected as "not found" again..I have been instructed to resubmit all IMEI - it is hoped that the server will reply again tomorrow..If it fails to return the code again - it is advised the customers wait 1 - 2 weeks and then try to unlock again when it is thought the database will be updated/repaired - although this is not guaranteed.

link to the thread
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