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Found 25th Jan 2015
Hi just a quick question. Just bought the Moto G 4G from tesco at £115 and bought this from ebay 261742221106 when it arrived it was too big so informed seller wrong one however looking around google not too sure. I think he has sent the 2nd gen 5" screen but he lists it as 2nd gen 4G. My question is, is the one at Tesco a 2nd gen 4G or a 1st Gen 4G and the one he sent is that for a 5" 4G or is there not a 5" 4G out yet thanks

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Edit: So if the one from Tesco is 4G then its a 2nd Gen as 1st Gen was 3G. So the one listed above is for the 5" 2nd gen that also has 4G. So is the one from Tesco known as a 1st or 2nd gen or 1st gen with 4G.ta ?

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Gen 1 had 3G and then 4G
Gen 2 has only 3G and is bigger

Gen 1 had 3G and then 4GGen 2 has only 3G and is bigger

thought that was right as was reading threads on here over time and looking on amazon at the variations hence why i bought the protector as it said 4G. So seller (and partly me) wrong then?
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Yeah his title can't include 4G and 2nd Gen as its not out yet.
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