Moto G4 alternative ?

Found 11th Jun 2016
So after ordering and receiving my new Moto G4 plus I've realised I made a big mistake! It's just far too big for me! I'm still currently using my G2 and the size difference is just to much, probably should of checked but anyway...!

Is there an alternative out there that's smaller in size? every phone these days getting bigger and bigger, I like the size of the G2 but love the spec of the G4.
Looking for suggestions please.

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You will get use to the size after a very short period of time and wont notice the difference. Try to stick with it if possible !

After a week you will not want smaller, that was my experience after I first received my Nexus 6 (5.7 ins)
I guess your right! It still feels like I'm holding a book to my ear mind you!
Calvin. I've seen this phone, is it any good?
I mean specs, camera and battery
I've only just started using it properly today but so far I'm impressed. Still got half my battery left after a full day of use, granted not much but some surfing, sat nav, messaging and calls. (my moto 2 would be long dead by now) I mainly bought this for the camera, I like taking pictures. Big improvement again from my moto 2, not really used the camera much though, just some test shots but again I'm liking it.
I guess coming from my moto 2 this was always going to be an improvement but yeah I've not found any issues so far!
I would suggest watching some videos on YouTube for more info, that's what I done before deciding to buy.

Hope this helps you out a bit!
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