Moto g4 charger

    I have a standard moto g4 (not the big plus model).
    I need a better charger than the slow one supplied in the box.
    It isn't clear to me from reading comments whether the moto g4 takes full advantage of QC tech.

    My first question is, should I buy only a QC 3.0 charger (or even a QC 2.0 charger), or can I get a similar result from non QC chargers which have outputs of 2.0 amps and above?

    Second question is, is there any harm in using any of those types of chargers?

    I've seen non QC versions of chargers from the same manufacturers (Aukey and Anker) for less money, or the same money as a QC charger if they have 2 ports.


    I just use a standard 2.1 amp (I think) charger and it charges fine in about 90 - 120 minutes.

    just get a standard charger from a half.decent brand like anker off ebay probably around 5 quid

    Go to aldi and buy their charging block for 6.99 it has 5 ports and one of them is QC 3.0, fantastic quality and charges my G4 in around 50 mins.
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