Moto G7 Argos eBay - three sim swap?

Posted 21st Sep
Got the phone and put my old O2 sim in fine. Argos sells it as Sim-free. I'm off on holiday and thought I'd get a free three sim, but the phone refuses to recognise connect to it.

Shouldn't this work in theory? O2 says they can't "unlatch it" because it's not their device. Would I need to pay for an unlock code or something?

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I know some phones lock to the first sim that goes in there. This may be the case. Or the phone may not support 3 network, or it was not actually sim free
Try contacting three they use to have a free unlock page on the website worth an ask..
Check the 3 sim is functional in another device. Check another known-functional non-o2 non-3 sim in the G7, ideally EE or Voda rather than an MVNO sim.
Which G7 is it?
Dual sim or single sim?
I have an unlocked G7 power that works fine with a 3Sim.
As @AndyRoyd said check the sim in another device.
Jobs a goodun boys. Literally took it to the shops and it started texting me about signing up - guess the reception wasn't good enough in the house for it to trigger it? Maybe it needed 4G?

Cheers for the help anyhow (It's the single sim variant).
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