Moto X Style Micro USB charging port dead. Help!!!!

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After nearly two and a half years of heavy use the charging port is broken (two snapped pins and no charge 😪). I ordered the port off eBay for around 2 quid and went to a local games/phone/repair shop for a quote on the replace/fix but basically they said they haven’t got the tools to do the job and they wouldn’t recommend getting anyone else to do it either as it will just fail again soon after. I then asked him is the phone dead and he nodded, I said thanks for advice and left the shop.

I found these…irs and for £49.99 they’ll fix it and it comes with a 1yr warranty. Anyone heard of these and would trust them?

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Can recommend these people based on several repairs myself and for other parents of teens with clumsy habits. They also reject some models and won't take your money if its not a worthwhile repair. I am sure you can courier it to/from them. Call for a quote/opinion.
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I never bother with repairs. I just sell phone on ebay for spares and buy another new phone. Repairs can cause other faults and even with a warranty its to much hassle and messing about. If local guy charged around £25 then that maybe tempting, but £50...nah.. Jmo.
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Think am just going to give…tml a go and hope for the best. Yeah definitely wayners I would normally do that but the phone is great, it’s just the fecking charging port that has let it down. For £25 I’ll take a chance and keep a look out for a new phone soon
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Yeah. Worth a punt in guess.
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