Motor bike gear

    I am just about to take my CBT so I will need all things biker, Helmet, gloves and jacket, anyone know of deals, somewhere good to look and/ or any advise of what to look out for.

    Thanks all !!!


    Always spend good money on a helmet boots gloves and leathers.
    A back protector is a must too. :thumbsup:
    Arai i prefer for helmets personally, mind and try lots on and get a good tight fit.
    Dont scrimp on safety gear, got to ask yourself how much is your life worth?

    Could try J and S for stuff
    Powersellers on ebay are usually legit,
    also local bike shops can sometimes give you a good deal .

    Also, if you are buying a scooter - avoid Kymco. Go for a good, well known brand such as SYM, Piaggio, Peugeot etc. I spent £1,700 on a Kymco only to sell for £250 two years later.

    eBay would be a good place to buy the good branded safety gear, which me-laddo suggested !

    Also try to get boots that don't fold back on themselves and have good ankle protection like a set of sidis or alpinestars.

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    Thanks everyone for your comments and help !!! Ill ride safer for it !
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