Motor insurance with gap (full replacement value) protection

Does anyone know if anyone other than Saga offer this extension to their motor insurance policies? It covers you for full replacement value of your car if you should write it off within the first 2-3 years. Most companies do it for 1 year, and other companies sell it independently, but I would like to incorporate it into my normal insurance. Thanks for your help.

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Hi Yvonneid,
I've just purchased Vehicle Replacement GAP insurance for my brand new BMW with It's normally my husband who deals with this type of thing so i went to Excuse the pun! :-)
Whilst i was setting up my insurance on i came across car depreciation on there too. After hearing about this from my dealer i had a look and turns out I was going to pay over £700 to the dealership for normal GAP insurance and with Confused i could buy this replacement gap and i only paid £423.00!
After speaking to a gentleman at Confused Gap office i was assured that even though i have new for old for the first year with my insurance i can still be covered by them . They told me that because of the new for old in the first year they would make the start date of my policy start 3 months later- so i got free 3 months cover and a saving of over £300, not too bad :-)
I would recommend to anyone with a brand new car.
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