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Both car insurances are up for renewal and looking at the renewals that have just come through the post means i have to look around as price has gone up on both!

We always get the legal protection but do we need to pay for it on both policies or is it a case of 1 policy for each car or person?
Direct line are charging £26.25 each



how many policies and cars do you have? presumably one policy per car? in which case, you need Motor Legal Protection on each policy (if you want it)

the legal protection only covers any claim arrising from an accident covered under that car insurance. I personally dont bother buying it anymore. it covers them trying to chase if you are hit by an uninsured driver (which direct line cover now anyway), and stuff like claiming for personal injuries etc. which if you ever had to do you could always go no win no fee and save yourself the £50 a year.

i've always paid for it, its nice having solicitors doing the leg work

(2 accidents within 2 weeks last year - neither my fault, one was a uninsured driver)
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2 policies - 2 cars. 1 for me and 1 for hubby.

Just seeing if i can cut costs as its basic premium plus no claims protection plus legal protection then the interest on top. Sure i can do better!

in that case, if you want Legal Protection, then it will have to be on both policies.

tried the multi-car policies (Admiral for example)?

I got my renewal the other day, was the same price as last year so i phoned them to see why. Went through all the details and for some reason came out at £100 cheaper! This ended up cheaper than on any comparison sites as well (they all came out at the same price as the renewal). With Tesco, who i have been with for 6 years

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Mine has gone up around £35 and hubby's £80! Which i think is ridiculous.

i'm only 23, so should still be going down each year (£500 this year lol)

you do not need to pay for it.... use any of the solicitors that advertise this service for free...
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