Motorbike lid needed to match kawasaki colours

hubbys birthday coming up and I want to get him a new crash helmet,he rides a kawasaki zx7r in the typical green,white and blue so it must match this as he has the leathers,boots,gloves etc that match the bike

Not specifially looking for the cheapest about as want something decent obviously as its such an important part of biking

any ideas?


i think you may be better off getting a standard helmet painted up in kawasaki colours. had a very quick look to see if there were any shoei lids in kawasaki green but it seems not - the bonus of getting a plain helmet painting is obviously the "unique" factor. have a word at your local bike shops or check some lid painters out online. not cheap i expect but his head is surely worth it.

this isnt the kind of thing you can buy with out the person knowing as it would be best if he tried it on first as different brands fit differently and obviously it is very impoprtant to have a good fit.

that said either try ringing your local kawa bike shop or maybe hein gericke they do tonnes if you have one near you.


or kawasakis diret website

kawasaki.co.uk/pro…EE0 this is in kawa green and looks quite nice.
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