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    Morning guys,

    I'm looking to buy a motorbike within the next few months and need a place to store it.

    I've been looking for a small, lockable shed or storage bin. Anyone know the best place to start looking ?



    Not sure what your budget is but there are galvanised bike sheds at


    and when I was racing a number of people I knew used products from this place.

    What sort of bike would it be for?

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    Haven't got a huge budget

    It's for a Yamaha Fazer 600 for now

    Hi Chris,
    try [url][/url]
    They do a wide range of metal, wooden and plastic sheds some with double doors etc.
    Bought a wooden shed from them last year and they're okay.....

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    Cheers for that guys - Rep left

    Anyone else have any links ?

    I'll be concreting a metal piece into the ground within the shed to secure the bike to aswel, but want it within a storage container.


    I don't know about the suitability of the size of this shed but here's the ]link.

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    Hi guys,

    Still been looking around - and this is exactly what I'm after (but it's not in stock lol).

    Anyone know where I can get this from elsewhere ?…htm

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    How on earth did you find that lol ??

    I'll check out Makro, I have one near me

    Anyone got any ideas on price of these ?

    Thanks mate - Rep given

    Don't know prices I'm afraid and had a look on the B&Q and Wickes website but neither appear to have that shed.
    The easiest thing might be to call Keter and ask who stock that item near you
    You never know they may be able to supply it directly.....
    Keter (UK) Ltd.
    Unit 12, Woodgate Business Park, Clapgate Lane, Birmingham B32 3DB.
    Tel: 44-121-422-6633 Fax: 44-121-422-0808

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    Cheers mate

    ps - wont let me give you anymore rep lol
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