Motorcycle Accident Claim Information


    Anyone know of a motorcyclist website with a forum?

    I kneed some free professional advice about making a claim in regards to a motorcycle accident?



    Not sure they have a forum but I used them when my husband was killed on his motorbike and can't praise them enough.

    Can't see the solicitor that I had on their page anymore but he was excellent. Richard Clarke he was called.

    Just to add it now seems Richard Clarke has his own practice…htm

    But I would definately recommend the White Dalton Partnership to any Bikers, and Richard as a Solicitor for RTA claims.
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    Original Poster

    I'm sorry to hear that pestiewesties.

    Thanks for your reply, much appreciated?

    Your welcome, hope everything goes well for you.

    Need to go to Rider Support Services have some pretty knowledgeable people on, as does therevcounter

    Grab a copy of Motor Cycle News and have a look in the classifieds, quite a lot of solicitors have free surgeries where you can go for advice. Sherringtons in Bolton represented me when I was badly injured in a bike crash.
    A note of caution, the usual prejudices still apply to bikes and in particular bikes involved in accidents, the onus would appear to be to prove that you were not reckless rather than look at real responsibility.
    I broke both ulna and radius in right arm, pelvis and leg injuries and broken fingers on my left hand, I was off work for 6 months, lost out on a promotion whilst I was off sick and other problems. All told I settled at £25k during the court hearing, their initial offer had been £3k, raised to £6k before the court hearing. They made the final offer after the judge had listened to witness statements and Police evidence which proved the other drivers negligence rather than my recklessness as being claimed by the third party insurers.
    Hope you find the right answers.
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