Motorcycle kickstand switch questions

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Hi and thanks in advance...

My 6 month old kisbee 100 will only start if the kickstand is half way down! And cuts out in the fully down or fully up position.

Is this a common problem and can it be adjusted?

If I short it out will it pass the MOT when that comes around?
Is this a warranty item?
Is the dealer obligated to collect my bike?
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The dealer doesn’t have to collect the bike but should repair under warrenty. The switch is a simple. Am not sure if it’s normally open or closed. If there’s a plug on the switch disconnect it and see if the bike starts. If it won’t short the connection on the bike side it should then start and run.
Not sure I'm reading you post correctly. But,
most bikes have a safety switch which prevents the engine from operating if the side stand is down AND the bike is put into gear. There are some variations, like only able to start the engine with side stand down IF the clutch lever is pulled in.
If the only way your bike starts and continues to run is with the side stand half way down, sounds like a faulty switch. Obviously, you should not try to ride with the side stand partly down.
If that is the case and the bike is under warranty, it would be perfectly reasonable to ask the dealer to pick it up at no charge and fix it . If not under warranty, it is at their discretion. Don't hope for much, but side stand switches are not expensive.
Unless the MOT rules have changed in the last few years, side stand protection is not a part of the MOT test, so disabling the switch should not be an issue. However, I have run many bikes from the 70's with no side stand switch and you only need to set off once forgetting to lift the side stand and crash at the first left turn, to see their value.
Safe riding.
Thanks for both comments, it's very informative.
Side stand switches usually come in 2 or 3 pin connector styles. If it is a 2 pin you can usually disconnet it with out doing anything further, the scooter will then run as normal but without the safety feature, just becareful as you don't want to end up riding with the stand down. If it's a 3 pin plug, once disconnected the scooter won't function at all until you link it out. I'd advise just replacing it. You can probably find a universal one cheap enough of eBay, main dealers will charge extortinate amounts of money for the same switches.
33716575-8qh5T.jpgThanks for all your helpful comments.

I put some scrunched up tin foil in as you can see to get me to the dealers tomorrow. It seems to be up to the job and I'm now using the centre stand instead.
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