MotorEasy discounted GAP insurance - Bargain

Posted 3rd Nov
I have just purchased gap insurance from MotorEasy for £155 for three years cover using the voucher code above. it was £200 cheaper than that of the dealer. They also offer very cheap allot wheel cover…nce

Discount code - NOVGAP
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I used total loss gap.
As my car was a pre reg standard policy would not cover my car properly.
The policy I have covers a like for like replacement.
So it would pay for a 5008 new model with less than 50 miles and one owner. Now the replacement would be £25000.
5 years cover was £200 in 2016 for a £14500 car.
I spoke to my dealer and they lowered the price to match motoreasy. I’d rather have it with the dealer as it’s easier to resolve if things go wrong.
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