Motorists 'must pay for road use'

    Well it looks like they are getting further with this one. Just a few extracts I picked up on from the BBC and AOL news sites. What's peoples thoughts on this, especially the environmental groups who said all the money raised should NOT be put back into the roads and that cycle lanes were more a priority!

    I've decided it might be better all round if the government takes all my wages, and then give's me pocket money!

    Of course, the old 'it's for our safety' nutshell is being cracked open again!! Saying that if the roads are congested, were more likely to crash. Well, really, you think so?! At the same time, saying any money raised should NOT be put back into the roads.... Wow, now thats making it loads safer.

    Seems instead of making the roads better / safer they charge us. Just like safety cameras, doesnt make the road any safer, but they get to charge us.

    The box is also likely to cost the motorist £200 a box. Why us? Why do we have to pay!?

    Motorists should be asked to pay to drive on the nation's road network, a report commissioned by the government has recommended.

    Former British Airways chief Sir Rod Eddington has examined options for modernising the UK transport network.
    He has reported that road tolls could bring £28bn a year of benefits to bus and rail users.
    Grand projects like high-speed rail links were less important than using existing networks better, he said. Smaller projects, including an expansion of the UK cycle network, received string backing.
    Motoring groups broadly welcomed the report and environmental groups said any money raised from charging motorists to use roads should not be used to fund more road schemes
    The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) said the report was in danger of overlooking the simple reality that road congestion is often caused by crashes - 90% of which are avoidable.
    An IAM spokesman went on: "We broadly welcome this report as congestion is costly, not only in environmental terms but it has a major negative effect on road safety. Extended, unpredictable journey times do nothing to encourage responsible road use.
    "Longer journeys cause driver fatigue, and tired drivers are more likely to crash - so it's a horrible, vicious circle. Around one in five motorway crashes is a result of driver fatigue."


    Wheres the link to the petition?

    Are Brits allowed to live and work in Australia? Is work permit of some sort needed?

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    The BBC did a study and a Woman taking her kids on a short journey to school each day cost her £84 a month. Plus Fuel of course. The Tax Disc only costing approx £13 month. A Florist was paying £246 a month and said if it comes in he would be forced to close in 1 week.


    Motorists should pay? We already do!!! And we pay through the nose for everything else in this rip off country with no protection whatsoever from a supposed Labour government which is more right wing and in the pocket of big business than Maggie was.

    The tracking boxes will soon be hacked so they will be a waste of money.

    And what about concessions for people who have to have a car e.g. the disabled and their carers? Or people who have to work unsociable hours? They are often the poorest people so now they are going to be even poorer!

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :x

    Wohooo, famous for a second, ive just spyed my name on the petition :thumbsup: im so sad ive even print screened :giggle:

    Just on the news again, this isnt supposed to come in until 2015 :geek:
    Didnt mention about the boxs, just said "they want to charge per mile you drive"

    Boxes will be there... and as Repo says will be hacked as well. The clever & rich will not be affected and as usual the poor will be hard hit.

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    [SIZE=2]2015 now? Well, lets get the party out of government which might scrap the idea![/SIZE]

    It said 2015 on the ITV news at 11.10ish

    So, after my major panic last night, calm is restored

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    For anyone thats intrested, the DFT report and argument for road charging can be found here:


    Basically saying that although we pay more than we need to for road tax already, there is 'social costs' therefore, a need for road charging.

    Anyone that reads that can see that a student in Year 11 at school could use better grammar, and these are the people deciding the future for us.

    over 7000 on there now, come on people stop this happening, we are already fleeced big time in this country

    Almost 8,000 i really hope alot of people sign this.

    Although, on talking to my mum, she reckons it wont get passed by the lords, loads of people will stop driving as they simply wont be able to afford it, i know i certainly wont.

    I dont usually use my car for big trips, just little journeys, but quite alot each day.

    Its going to kill me, and will be even worse when my son goes to school.

    This will never happen as it is based on every person in the country having reasonable access to alternative transport.

    I live in Northumberland and have to commute to Newcastle to work. There is no train/tram/metro link anywhere near where I live. I have the choice of the car to take me 16 miles to work or use the bus which in the morning takes 1 hour 10 minutes and costs £5.20 for a return ticket!

    All these people who waffle on about using the train or cycling to work and take their ideas and shove them right up their arse. If you don't live in the South East you're stuffed for decent public transport and there's no way I'm cycling to work on a dual carriageway.
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