motorola l6 on o2

    Hi, looking for an L6 for my daughter, she already has an o2 payg sim with £15 on it, any pointers?

    All the deals say I have to buy top ups.




    [SIZE=2]Not sure how much it is at the Carphonewarehouse but If you have an exisitng sim for that network they'll not make you buy the top up, at least they didn't me on my last 2 phones on o2 bought from there.[/SIZE]

    Would be very surprised if they never made you top up to be honest.

    I bought 2 for £30 at Carphone Warehouse. They come with talk talk sims in that offer. You have to buy £10 credit on each phone. Total £50 for 2 phones with £20 credit , The sims are useful for holidays or visitors. I'm using mine in cuba talkmobile had the cheapest roaming call rates. And they are unlocked to all networks already, so your 02 sim will were ok. in fact one of mine has the o2 internet settings already in it

    Or you can get 1 phone for £19.95 there with most networks + £10 credit with that network. All the phones are unlocked so you can put any sim in. And it has a basic camera & video.

    Hope this helps

    The cheapest phones I found were usually locked to a network like orange , unless you get a secondhand phone (which may be faulty & or locked) then I foundit more economical to buy this cheap unlocked phone in carphone warehouse, which i then put my tmobile sim in & im keeping the talktalk sim for holidays or visiting guests. i.e £25 outlay.

    I bought a £17.99 sony ericcson , at another site, which looked cheap , locked to orange + £10 credit(£27.99 total) but then found out it'll cost £20 TO unlock that model ~(i tried everywhere, markets, high st stores) so that one worked out at £47.99 to put my old sim in.

    So look at the overall cost . it may still work out buying an unlocked toped up phone than buying a simfree phone


    i have motorla l6 that is boxed would sell it for £17 delivered if your intrested, its already on o2 and unlocked. has charger and manual and its boxed

    originally posted one year ago, think she'll have one now.
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