Motorola Moto E (2nd gen) issue with Sainsburys Phones !!

    This is a long shot: BUT I responded to a deal here last week for a refurb mobile phone from Sainsburys Phones. I recieved the phone which should have been unlocked to find it was locked. I phoned their customer service who said they have a problem with a batch of phones for Black Friday week. Basically they don't know what network these phones are locked to !!! SO - customers can't get the cheap unlock codes to make them work on any network. My phone is a Motorola Moto E (2nd Gen) Anyone out there who knows what network they are locked to, or how to help? The phone looks brand new !!


    Can you get hold of and try a few SIMs? You'd probably only need the big players, not the resellers.

    I thought you can You can check info about Simlock Status and the carrier or network the phone is currently locked to by putting your IMEI number in online for free? Not sure of that's correct as I would need to try. Look up imei check

    Hope you understand what I have written. I'm typing while Christmas shopping with wife

    This is a guess, but I would say Vodafone as Sainsbury's sold the Moto E locked on vodafone a few months ago.

    I bought them too, they're locked to Vodafone.

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    Just back home from returning the phone to the nearest Sainsburys. The guy on the DVD / Electronics counter was really helpful, but couldn't do much to sort out the issue. Ended up taking a very reluctant refund. The nearest Sainsburys Phone 'SHOP' was a further 17 miles away, and they might have known the network, but not worth the travel / hassle. THANKS ever so much for all your replies. (Sainsburys should have listed these Moto E's as locked to 'a' network, but thats there error, and my time wasted.)
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