motorola moto g v moto e

Found 19th Dec 2014
Looking to buy a new mobile.

Really only using phone for calls and texts and occasionally internet when I'm out and about. Looked at the Motorola Moto E and the Motorola Moto G. What would be your recommendations. Thanks


I think if it's just for light use like that the moto e will be fine it's when you start installing quite a few apps it will slow as it has less ram.
but if you think you may end up having a few apps installed say 20+ then your probably best with the moto g

Sounds like either will be fine for you.

We've seen the moto e for as little 50 and the moto G as low as 80 (original 8gb version - which would do you I think).

Depends on prices for me. If you can get the G for 80,do it. If there is more than say 35/40 quid difference you'll be alright with the e.
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