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Found 16th Jul
hi guys,
I don't know much about tech so was wondering if someone who does can help me ?
two days ago, I bought a Motorola g5s plus from Amazon (32 GB), now they have the Motorola g6 play (dual SIM) also 32 GB at the same price. can someone tell me which is the better phone ?
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compare them on

for most users, its which phone is cheaper.
The price is similar for both, so other differentiating factors are listed below...

The G5S Plus has:
- A screen with higher resolution;
- A better chipset and CPU;
- Greater capacity and more RAM (depending on model selected);
- A slightly better camera;
- Fingerprint scanner on the front, if you prefer that.

The G6 has:
- A slightly larger screen;
- Battery with greater capacity;
- Fingerprint scanner on the rear, if you prefer that;
- Will receive Android updates (potentially) earlier and for longer since it’s more recent.
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