Found 1st Nov 2006
What's the cheapest way to get one of these phones? My contract phone got wet and died so I'd like to replace it with the same phone. (It's T-Mobile but I don't mind paying the tenner or so at a local place to get it unlocked).

Cheapest in local town stores was £80. I really don't want another contract (As term costs of non chargeback contracts are going to be more than just buying I assume) so either straight purchase or PAYG please.


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  2. Motorola

This looks like the best payg deal ]http//ww…azr. I got the red one with bluetooth headset + £45 HMV voucher. Nice phone.

They want a v3i not a v3

Whoops! sorry. And I was feeling quite pleased with myself. :oops:

Dont worry, we all make these mistakes :giggle:
Least you tried to help

Personally, I can't find any better than the £80 one in your local store...

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Thanks anyway people, looks like Ebay it is then
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