Motorola V3

    Help please
    I am still after a V3 on 3 network, about 400 anytime, any network contract phone.
    The cheapest option or FREE if possible please.
    I have looked through Quidco and nobody does this cheap or on a 12 month contract. :x


    It's available at the very reputable 'mobile shop', but 3 only do contracts on the newer V3x so it isn't so cheap... Orange are the cheapest of the networks with this phone, followed closely by o2. 3 do the most minutes though... so it is hard to choose!!

    So with this you get a brand new Motorola V3x, the model up from the 3V (is it 2 models up? I can't remember if the V3i came first?).

    V3x on 3 with 400 x-net mins and 250 texts per month is £21.88 per month after cashback (that's £262.50 for the year). >>HERE<<

    V3x on 3 with 600 x-net mins and 400 texts per month is £22.50 per month after cashback (that's £270 for the year). Probably worth splashing out less than £1 per month extra to get a lot more minutes!>>HERE<<

    If you need more help then let me know.

    Don't forget for an extra £25 of cashback!!

    Good luck.
    Ducky :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks Ducky.
    That's a bit too steep for me.
    When do the new deals come out? I thought it would be on the 27th but nobody on Quidco updated their Mobile phone deals.
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