Motorola W377 black phone wanted

    Can anyone out there help me?

    I have reset the master key on my phone, however it doesn't appear to send texts? they just sit in my out box?

    have I pressed a wrong key and changed something? is the phone knackered and I need a replacement (cheapest exact same black model I can find is in argos for £29.99 with virgin network).

    Help required...thanks in advance!



    The master key I assume is just to do a master reset on your phone???

    You shouldnt need this and the defaults are usually 0's or 1234 or 12345 etc...

    However resetting the phone probably wont fix your texts, its most likely either a problem with your network or your SMSC number is incorrect on the phone. Look under Message Settings it should have a phone number for SMS Center Number or something equivalent, this number depends on your mobile network, let me know what you have typed in there and which network your on please?

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    hi there

    thanks for the response. I am on virgin network and I'm not sure how to find my message settings!



    Messages > Options > Setup > Message Setup > Text Msg Setup > Service Centre no:

    Sorry I dont know if the above is correct as I dont have a W377 in the shop im looking at a K1 so it should be similar...

    Message centre number I think for Virgin Pay as you Go is: +447958879890

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    thanks for your help...

    all sorted now! Hoorah !

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    rep added


    No problem happy to help everyone keeps saying Rep added but I dont really know what it means, lol

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    adds to your reputation as a good seller/advisor/hotukdeal person.

    if you click on the frosted scales it adds rep!


    Lol, cool didnt notice, still cant see the frosted scales, thank you though
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