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Found 1st Apr 2008
I bought a motorola w377 from the virgin mobile website. you get 300 texts free (thats 75 a month for 4 months) and on the website, it's advertised as having mp3 ringtone capability.

However, i recieved the phone, sent some texts to friends letting them know my number, then thought, if they reply, i want a decent ringtone, not a bog-standard ringtone. So i try to bluetooth an mp3 to my phone. File cannot be transferred. So i send it to another phone in the house, it transferred fine.

My bluetooth settings are fine etc etc I've checked a hundred times. A bluetooth headset works with my motorola w377, so it's not the bluetooth wont work, it's just that it CANNOT play mp3 ringtones, or transfer them via bluetooth.

its absolutely pathetic. I'm quite annoyed with it. Can i send it back to virgin mobile for a full refund?

Thanks for any help/suggestions


Some phones with bluetooth are misleading and it only has the ability to connect a bluetooth headset, I got caught out with this a while ago with the 02 X1b. A bit of a con as you automatically assume it means full bluetooth functionality!

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yeah thats it, they should advertise this more clearly, it's not on!

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just got an email back from Virgin Mobile. Customer service were fantastic, offering me a full refund and apologies for the problem.
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