Found 27th Dec 2006
I know its an old phone but my brother really wants the original V3 phone. Any one know the best deal for this one, seen one cheap in the sales maybe?
He will be using the thing in New Zealand, so he wants it sim free, Amazon have it for about ]£105 on the marketplace.

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hey mako,

try getting it from lx direct. It should be £65, but with the discount codes supplied it should be £36 delivered. It will be on a network, but you can easily get it unlocked for around £10. Use the codes xx494 & zq4322 to get it for £36. it is available in black or pink. hope this helps.


also note this phone as standard is appaling, to get it working to any decent level you may which to alter the firmware on it, which you can find information easily enough if you look for MotoX who is a key dev for the upgrades of V3s (improves, signal quality, gives camera options, improves menu speed, removes some bugs, frees up internal space from 5mb standard to about 9mb max)

not sure if allowed to post if not can mod pm Mako this information before it is deleted or make me aware so i can do such.

I have a V3 and it has worked fine for me, no problems at all. Is a good little second phone small and lightweight. Have you tried looking in the sales you should be able to get a decent deal in the shops i would have thought. Argos maybe?
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