Mount Snowdon Railway?

Found 24th Jun 2012
Has anyone recently visited the Mount Snowdon Railway, and if so, how much did you pay?

We're heading over to Wales (no sheep jokes please!), next weekend, and are looking to take a trip up the mountain.

It seems quiet expensive for 2adults, one 7 year old, and one 2 year old? Has anyone found/seen any discounts for this attraction that can point me in the right direction please.
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All I know, is when we went it was nearly 80 quid for a family of four.... pretty expensive....
We go up that way quite a bit, i'am surprised anyone would pay that sort of money to be honest £80 what a rip off (_;)
I'm off there next weekend aswell!!! To be fair won't b using the train but Im not sure of price , but u have to get off and on within allocated time I've heard?
We usually get the train up and walk back down, it's an easy walk with amazing sights. It is expensive though.
wow what expensive prices £25 A / £18 C no mention of baby under 2 or under 5 policy. so my family of 5 would be 104£ plus booking fee
Thanks for the replies so far chaps!

Thanks for the replies so far chaps!

From every time I have been in the vicinity you will be lucky if it's running anyway, especially given the current weather. Waterfalls round there must be cracking at the moment though.
When I went to Snowdon many moons ago I dont think we took the train. What I do remember though was very changeable weather conditions and mist descending rapidly reducing visibility. Also remember the horned sheep making the ascent difficult and they would charge at you.
the little one (7) is train mad so we have to go on a train if there is one in the area

@ £22.50 adult, and about £20 for him (2 year old), free, £65 is a lot of money.. Does anyone know how long it takes?? Is it a 1/2 day out, or more a full day out.

We need to drive 20miles each way as well
train! pointless!

Walk the pyg track there and back.
If you are just after a train this maybe better and in the same(ish) location, fairly steep adult fares but kids are free. More scope for travel and can jump on and off.

Get to see Snowdon too.
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brill, well check it out
Flash sale until 24/03/14. Tickets valid until 11/04/14.
33% discount

code: springsaver…d=0

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