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    Hi all

    am looking for any deals on mountain bikes





    you could try posting this in the wanted section aswell

    Depends what sort of bike your after mate (Hardtail,Full Suspension) and how much do you want to spend.Here's a couple of decent entry level MTB's at under £300.Dont forget 5% Quidco from Evans Cycles as well.…062…rs=

    This ones a touch more expensive but good for the cash:…241

    Also check out :

    As a long time biker I wouldn't recommend Halfords or most of the bikes they sell (Some Kona models are OK to be fair).Depending on your budget I would recommend Specialized,Giant & Trek models for entry level bikes.If your after a Full Suspension bike you would have to look to spend a couple of hundred quid more to get a decent one in my experience.Hope this helps mate.

    I agree with Pete - get yourself down to your local bike shop. Initially, the prices might not be as competitive, but they'll often deal and the relationship between you and the store is as important. Especially when it comes to servicing it and additions.

    Oh and avoid Halfords (although the few bike guys I;ve met in there actually do know there stuff)

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    pete & social

    great advice

    i will chack out the links


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