Mountain Bike for £200 to £250

Found 9th Jun 2009
Hi I'm looking to buy my boyfriend a mountain bike for his birthday. Would like to get a cheap one but with reasonable components etc if possible as he's just getting back into biking and his old bike is just... old.

Have seen this
and this

But don't know enough about bikes to know which is the better bike.

Please could someone help?
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That Chainreactions bike, you got to assemble it yourself from what is said in the reviews.

Can you go up to £300ish? I personally think you cannot beat GT Avalanches.
Thank you. But I can't stretch past £250

I would suggest you really post on the forums I post below, I did when looking for a bike and these guys are regular, many posters, and they know so much stuff.


An english bike forum, just post up!
Ok. Thanks for your help

as much as i like kona, the spec is a bit poor in your link. has a freewheel (kids bikes have freewheels!) whilst the giant at least has a cassette. (basically the way the cogs on the back wheel fit on, cassette is preferrable over freewheel.)
The giant seems a good price, as good a spec you'll get for the money and is a decent brand too.

I am big into my bikes and i find that the best place to get one from is ebay! You can get a much better price for a fraction of the price from ebay!

If he wants a mountain bike then i would recommend any of the following brands;

Kona, Giant, Specialzes, GT,

Or you could get yourself or your partner to enqurie at work about the "ride to work scheme" great incentive put out by the governemnt - evanscycles.com/rid…ork
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