Mountain bike help please, Inner tube size

    Hi, I'm trying to replace my inner tube but the size of the inner tube is different to the tyre. Am i right in thinking that because the inner tube says it goes upto 2.00 it will be ok. Thanks for any help.

    Tyre size 26 x 1.95
    Inner tube size 26 x 1.75/2.00


    The part "1.75/2.00" means that the inner tube will fit tyres from 1.75" up to & including 2.00", so to answer your question - yes, it will be OK, as yours is 1.95".

    usually the 26 is the size of wheel/tyre the other numbers are the the width of tyre ie:26x1.75 that is pretty much standard size of adult bike inner tube I THINK

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    Thank you both for your help.
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