Mountain bike - ladies - anything good about?

    am after a bike a birthday present.
    It needs to have a ladies bar - perferably full suspension.. i think 20" wheels.. im not really sure whats best on the wheels front.
    Does it depend on the height of the person?

    Are there any good bike deals about?
    Have had a quick mooch in halfords/toysrus/argos... nothing caught my eye..
    Id rather spend a bit more on something that will last rather than waste £60 on a cheapo..



    Wheel size is standard for adults, only frame size changes depending on height.

    Full suspension tends to be either very cheap (and heavy and counter productive to cycling) or expensive. Any reason why you want to go that way? You can pick up reasonable front suspension bikes which are neither rubbish nor cost the earth.

    What kind of budget were you thinking of. You say you don't want a £60 cheapo, but what are you hoping to pay?

    Original Poster

    maybe around the 100 mark i think.. ? although when i think about it, that extra £40 probably wont go that far.

    ive tried a few full suspension bikes and think theyre great.. but.. they were £1000+ bikes.. so, maybe not the way to go for a lower priced one?
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