Mountain bike peeps. Full Susser left to rot, anyone know how to fix?

Found 22nd Apr
Hi all. I've just got my 2014 marin mount vision xm8 out of the garage. Due to working away Its been sat unused for around 18 months. The front wheel was completely seized up so I started messing with the front brakes which were avid trail 7s. one of the nuts has now sheared off and the brakes are knackered.

Can anyone recommend some front brakes that will be compatible with my fox float 32 ctd 140mm forks. I'm also a noob when it comes to bike maintenance so do I bite the bullet and take it to my local independent bike retailer or try purchasing and fitting myself?

Oh, the shock doesn't seem to be working aswell it won't lock lock out it just stays the same whatever setting its on.will a shock pump sort this out? Thanks in advance ppl
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For the sake of £50 I'd drop it off to LBS. They'll let u know what's wrong.
33679000-u9GaB.jpgIve managed to free up the brakes now by prying them open. Managed to reset the wheel and it's spinning freely. I am unsure how to get the brakes working again the lever is loose and nothing is happening when I try them. I'm thinking the nut I've sheared off is an integral bit of the opening and closing mechanism. You can see in the picture it's in the middle to the right where it has sheared. It's obviously very tight so I'm hoping there is a way to get the brakes working again.
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That looks like the pad retention pin that you have sheared off.

Pressing lever and nothing happening with hydraulic brakes would at first guess be you have air in and if stood for 18 months would highly likely need fluid bleed.

I would go with Richje100 and agree going to your lbs.
18 months just!
i left mine in for 10 years and knew nowt about them (rigid though i guess so a bit easier)
stripped it all (bottom bracket was not moving though) cleaned, painted, rebuilt like lego, lubed etc and now it looks fine (financial cost - about a tenner)
only negative is ive not ridden it as too afraid i messed up
so in summary - get help!
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