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Found 6th Sep 2010
Looking for a cost effective way of keeping my mountain bike locked and secure within our garage.
First thoughts are maybe a wall bracket with an anchor point to fix a decent lock to.

Anyone have any other suggestions or good deals for suitable brackets and locks?

Thanks in advance.



I buried mine under a mountain of crap. If anyone broke in, they'd get bored before they got to it.

I think really you can't do much more than you already are, other than ensuring that the bike is listed on your household contents insurance if it is an expensive Mountain Bike.

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Already on the insurance
Just need a way of locking it up in the garage.

We have a large metal bracket screwed into the floor (a bit like a bike stand) which holds 2 bikes and then a really strong chain running through. Don't know where we got it from though.

Depends how much you want to spend!

I have this ground anchor:-…34/

With this lock:-…55/

Not cheap but depends on the value of what you're locking up.

Does your garage roof have any beams running across?

I hang my bikes by their saddles on such a beam and loop a motorcycle lock through the frame and round the structure of the garage.

Park the bike in the car and park the car in the garage............simples.

P.S.cover the whole garage in barbed wire.

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Burnside how easy are the ground anchors to fit?

Fairly simple - I ended up putting mine on the wall (they recommend you put them on the floor in the corner of the garage though). You get a drill bit with the kit, 3 holes, some giant bolts that expand in the holes as you tighten them (so you can't just pull them out), you then get some caps with ball bearings in to go over the bolts to prevent them being unscrewed - if you fit those, make sure you're happy with where it is!

Tops it off with a plastic cover to make it look pretty. The whole lot is easy enough to fit and felt rock solid when it was installed. I removed it (didn't cover the bolt heads with the caps - but was confident that nobody would spend time trying to remove the anchor) when I moved from my last place. If I wasn't in a flat i'd be using it again for sure.

If you do go down that route - measure the distance from where you're going to be locking the bike (bottom bracket area I guess) to the floor and make sure your D lock will reach!

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I'm tempted to get something like this Tusk Mammoth to fix to the wall with rawl bolts and then chain the bike to this. Seems to get a decent review and is half the price of the kryptonite anchor.
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