mounting a ipod touch or iphone in my fiances car????

    ok so my fiances birthday is coming up soon and i wanted to do her a nice mod for her car without much hassle,dunno if i want the ipod touch to be the main in car entertainment system or to have a head unit and let the touch be plugged into it.

    anyway i wanted a holder for the touch that can make it be horizontal or vertical on the dash,had a look around and found a few things but just wondered if you guys could give me some advice or whatever cheers.


    Well, I hook up my ipod in my car through this:…nfo

    EDIT: Just noticed my head unit is slightly different to this one. Mine has a USB which is handy for plugging a flash drive into. I paid £99.99 for it at Halfords.

    Seems to do the job. The only problem I had was that you obviously had a volume control on the ipod and the car head unit. Solved the problem by buying a nano dock (which has a lineout). The dock is stuck on my car dashboard, and connected to the head unit with a simple cable. It looks quite good too, and gives easy access to the ipod

    Relatively it is a cheap solution, because you can still use the CD and radio too. Something to consider!

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    yeah but i need to get the stand for it or mount that will allow me to have it horizontal or vertical in the car if u get me

    i have just put my ipod into my car, what sort of car have you got? or what head unit? does it have a line out for the ipod?

    There always be one :w00t:



    i have just put my ipod into my car, what sort of car have you got? or … i have just put my ipod into my car, what sort of car have you got? or what head unit? does it have a line out for the ipod?

    line-in you mean.

    And also note that some some car factory headunits do have aux line inputs but have just not been enabled for the job for some odd reason, Ill never know why.
    I bought a £4 Iso connector from ebay., got one of my old 3.5mm extension cables and soldered it to the back of the headunit, feeding the wire through the footwell and under some trim. Its very neat and there is no ugly wire coming out of the front of the headunit. Theres just a small 3.5mm jack thats been run through to a small tray where my sister puts her ipod. It sounds great through the system,

    EDIT I was talking about the Renault Clio Update List Headunit

    Have a look at a company called connects2

    Got an ipod adapter from them for my clio. Basically just plugs into the back of the head unit and has a small box tucked away behind there too.

    It's a much better solution for my car anyway as it keeps the ipod charged and works with my steering wheel controls. Two things you miss out on going for a simple 'line in' solution.

    I got one of these. It's very good...…tal

    They didnt have stock so took about 3 weeks to arrive. Might want to ring before ordering.

    If you search there for 'arkon iphone' there are loads of different solutions.
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