Mounting TV onto a wall

    Hi all,
    I'm looking at putting my TV on the wall but want to hide the wires. Whats the best way of doing tihs? Bearing in mnd I still want to connect all my devices like 360, DVD Player etc plus i'd want it so you could easily feed wires in and out.

    Any advice?




    cable tidy?

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    But you'd see the cable tidy coming at the bottom of the TV down the wall...

    Without chasing the wall to hide the cables in, building a floating wall (allowing you to run the cables behind it) would be the easiest option :thumbsup:


    Depends on how serious you are to achieve this!

    The only "proper" way is to channel into the way and replaster. Too much like hard work for my taste!

    As mentioned, a cable tidy will manage the cableing so its just one thicker cable seen. Of if thats no good, then have the TV next to something that can effectively hide the cables by camoflauge. (eg behind a cabinet)

    use a chaser (like a circular saw but with a cutting disc instead of a blade) to cut a channel in the wall. bury trunking in the wall and have an opening behind the TV and at the bottom of the wall. you can use cable fishes to make it easier to pass the cables through the trunking

    can u get conduit that the top unclips?

    Plastic trunking comes to mind...

    TV size?

    Is the TV gigantinormous and is the wall a solid outer or plasterboard inner?

    AvForums has whole sections on people doing exactly this, i've seen some of the pictures of peoples efforts and they seem to be re plaster jobs with the wires fed through the wall.

    ours are fed through the wall includes a multiscart-Ikea tho sell a tv stand that has a backboard to mount the tv on and the cables will go behind-if you check it out the website you can put in the size of TV and it gives you th solution?

    Not quite for a wall but:
    from ]http//ww…621

    from ]http//ww…tml

    I think you get the best of both worlds here, stand, wall mount (ish) and cable tidy.
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