Mouse and Keyboard for xbox 360??

    Hi i was wondering if you can buy a mouse and key boad for the xbox 360,i know its realy made just for game pads but fps games i suck at unless i use the mouse and keyboard

    my aiming in games like cod4 and halo are so bad with a controller



    nearly all games cannot accept a keyboard & mouse anyway. I only know one on the PS3 and that is unreal tournament. on cod4, quickly hit the left trigger to centre the aim at the target before shooting. works a treat.

    CSimans right , none of the games on the xbox 360 can accept keyboards or mice .

    there used to be an adaptor around that spoofed the 360 into thinking a mouse/keyboard was a joypad and you could configure the buttons as you liked. can't remember more than that sorry

    My mate uses a mouse on his 360 to play COD4 with - he got an adaptor from the internet (you need a wired pad to use it as well)
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