Found 26th Apr 2007
Anyone suggest a good mouse mat, for general use and gaming. Will be getting a Logitech cordless mouse (probably MX1000) so to work well with that.

I hate the cheap foam mats, and for 2 years been using a homemade mat made of perspex, and it works really well, but getting worn now.

I also have an ICE MAT, the glass one, but it doesn't work with my current MS mouse, and I don't like the feel of it much.

So any suggestions for good quality one, upto about £15 ?


razer mantis mat is pretty good too
it's big though
i have been using it with a laser mouse for 2 years
nice and easy to clean
I heard the steelpad is pretty good too, according to reviews, i dun have one so can't comment on it

Original Poster

Thanks for replies, the steelpad looks good, cheers

:giggle: i have ]this one

im using icemat which is nice and 'cool'
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