Movable board that can go under chest freezer

Posted 5th Jul 2022
I currently have 2 under counter freezers in a cupboard but one is on its last legs and the other isn't very energy efficient so I'm looking at getting a chest freezer. But being in the cupboard will make it hard to open the lid so I'm trying to find something that could be used to wheel the freezer out when needed. It needs to hold the weight of the freezer and contents but a lot that I've found only seem to be used to move them once or twice when emptied. Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Beki100588's avatar
    That might be an option actually! I'll have a check of the measurements. Thank you.
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  3. EndlessWaves's avatar
    Semi limited. I did think about a board and adding castors but wasn't sure what would be strong enough.

    I can't imagine you need much. How much is a decent sized chest freezer when full? 100kg? 150kg? That's under 40kg per castor which are fairly light duty models like you'd find on an office chair.

    And if you mount them under the freezer's feet then the board or frame won't need a great deal of strength either.
  4. t3rm3y's avatar
    What about installing the chest freezer on its side so you upon the lid downwards to the floor. Items shouldn't fall out as will be frozen and packed in... Might work ? 😁
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    Heard them all now
  5. EndlessWaves's avatar
    There must be additional requirements if you're looking to buy something rather than just screw six castors to a board, do you have limited height?
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    Semi limited. I did think about a board and adding castors but wasn't sure what would be strong enough.
  6. deleted2283869's avatar
    Moving a full freezer to access it. Surely counter freezer is more suitable
    Beki100588's avatar
    Sorry I misread your first comment. Currently it's expensive running 2 old under counter ones, especially as one isn't going to last long. Plus there's not as much space as we need really. It would only need to come out about a metre or so.
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    A freezer will be very heavy with all the food in it. They are heavy on their own already, so it won't be practical to be able to pull it in and out.
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    I've found a few that actually come with wheels on, and read a few reviews that people have said it's easy to move so it might not be too bad.
  8. louiselouise's avatar
    Here's one that's just around half price from Amazon Warehouse:

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    Less of a bargain but may be worth a look…ALL
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    £20 seems far from a bargain for some fixed plastic wheels. Toolstation had the same sort of thing for £2 each, although individual units rather than a pair connected by a bar:…078 (edited)
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