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Found 12th Aug 2017
we are looking at doing some alterations in the house and it will be a lot easier if we can get the electric meter - has any idea how much this could potentially cost?
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Need to speak to your DNO it will vary throughout the country
If it's just your electric meter then this would be down to your supplier to relocate at a cost. You will also need an electrician to replace and extend the meter tails back to the new position.
If you also want the mains cable and dno cut out relocating this must be done by your dno and will not be cheap. They will quote you for free but be prepared for it to he somewhere in the region of £1000
we looked at moving the EDF meter in London and was quoted around £1,700 but this was a few years ago.
I'm not sure if it would work but we had a smart meter installed by British gas the other month and that didn't charge - it was basically like having a meter taken out and in as its a completely different system. All energy companies are doing this in a phased way. Apply for this and I can't imagine asking or offering the engineer a few quid to relocate would do any harm - at any rate you have a more modern meter?
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