Move music from apple music to Amazon?

Found 25th Dec 2017
Hey, I have been trying evertyhing including stamp and Soundiiz, but they will not pick up my 100+ songs.

I really dont want to have to do them 1 by 1, this will take hours.

I signed up for the alexa and want all my Apple music on my amazon playlist.

Is there a easy way of doing this, have tried everything as far as I can tell.

Thanks all
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I use an app called STAMP
I have tried and it won't transfer.
I have a 6 month EE apple music membership, but just bought a year long family from amazon.

Do I need to pay for stamp to unlock the features?

Spent days trying to do it.
I have both memberships up on Pc and Android, but it still want transfer
Thanks again
If you don't have to pay for the premium version with stamp, can sine one give me a step by step as they still will move move from EE Apple Music to Amazon Music.

Thanks again.
I have been trying all day with Stamp, also converting the itunes into mp3 and amazon music will still not accept the files.

Has anyone got a quick step by step so I dont have to re-do all my songs on amazon music which will take hours.

Thanks again all
Can anyone help?

Just looking to transfer apple music EE Free for 6 months to Amazon music.

Still cant figure in out

Thanks again
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