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Found 7th Jun 2008

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holland will win it

I fancy lineup looks amazing.

Backed Spain to win and Holland each way -

Going for a nil nil between Switzerland and Czechs and Portugal to beat Turkey two nil.

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Czech Republic Vs Switzerland Predictions?
Turkey Vs Portugal Predictions?

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Who people are backing to win:

Spain: 3
Germany: 2

can't rule out germany, such an open tournament!! good opening match.... 1-1 it will be

Portugal 2:1 Turkey
Switzerland 1:1 Czech
Backing Portugal for the win, it's their turn.

i put £3 on portugal to win 1-0 with ronaldo to score the goal


I drew Czech Republic in a sweepstake I did, so I stuck £10 on them getting to the final too.

Before that, I wanted Spain or Holland to win.

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Does nobody think France will win it?


Does nobody think France will win it?

past it and too old

who cares who wins, all I care about is England and McDonut made sure we were not there.


spain pal

England ftw

lol ^

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Open to predictions for the 2 matches on today

I'll go 2-0 in both, Germany and Croatia to win



I'll go 2-0 in both, Germany and Croatia to win

Yup, thats exactly my prediction!!!!

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France vs Romania ~~~~~~~~~~ Holland Vs Italy
2-0 [COLOR="lime"]France[/COLOR] - [COLOR="red"]monkey.nut[/COLOR] ~~~~~ 1-1 [COLOR="lime"]Draw[/COLOR] - [COLOR="red"]monkey.nut[/COLOR]
3-0 [COLOR="lime"]France[/COLOR] - [COLOR="red"]Negotiator[/COLOR] ~~~~~~ 1-0 [COLOR="lime"]Holland[/COLOR] - [COLOR="red"]Negotiator[/COLOR]
1-0 [COLOR="lime"]France[/COLOR] - [COLOR="red"]ctuk[/COLOR] ~~~~~~~~~~~ 2-2 [COLOR="lime"]Draw[/COLOR] - [COLOR="red"]ctuk[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Blue"]0-0 Draw - guv[/COLOR]~~~~~~~~~~~~ 0-0 [COLOR="lime"]Draw[/COLOR] - [COLOR="red"]guv[/COLOR]
3-1 [COLOR="lime"]France[/COLOR] - [COLOR="red"]magicjay[/COLOR] ~~~~~~~~ 0-0 [COLOR="lime"]Draw[/COLOR] - [COLOR="red"]magicjay[/COLOR]
2-0 [COLOR="lime"]France[/COLOR] - [COLOR="red"]midlands[/COLOR] ~~~~~~~~ 1-1 [COLOR="lime"]Draw [/COLOR]- [COLOR="red"]midlands[/COLOR]
4-0 [COLOR="lime"]France [/COLOR]- [COLOR="red"]Artonox[/COLOR] ~~~~~~~~~ 1-0[COLOR="lime"] Italy[/COLOR] - [COLOR="red"]Artonox[/COLOR]
2-0 [COLOR="Lime"]France[/COLOR] - [COLOR="red"]stevey_p[/COLOR] ~~~~~~~~ 2-1[COLOR="lime"] Italy [/COLOR]- [COLOR="red"]stevey_p[/COLOR]


Croatia 1 - 0 Austria
Germany 3 - 0 Poland

Holland or Portugal to win it :thumbsup:

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Predictions for the GER vs POL match?

germany 2- 1 poland

crotia 2- 0

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germany 2- 1 polandcrotia 2- 0

ANd who do you think will win Euro?

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Congrats UsernameStealer! for getting the prediction right in the Croatia match... some rep coming yor way!

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whoever gets the germany score right will also get some rep... predictions are open until 20mins through the match

EDIT: Predictions Closed! Good luck to the 4 who entered

Portugal to win the Euro's with Ronaldo as player of the tournament

Russia will win it, look at zenit st petersburg, played some fantastic football in the UEFA cup and a team made up mostly of Russians. (I have a £10 bet on at 30/1)

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Todays winners were Username Stealer for getting the correct score in the Croatia match and guv and ctuk for the right score in the Germany match! Predictions for the 9/6/08 matches are now open. Predictions are in POST 22

Holland 1 Italy 1
Romania 0 France 2

Holland 1 Italy 0
Romania 0 France 3

Back of the net !!!!

Holland 2 Italy 2
Romania 0 France 1

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holland 1 - 2 Italy
romania 0 - 2 France

Hope im wrong about the France score and Adrian Mutu manages to bag a couple against the french

Hol v Ital - 0:1
Rom v Fr - 0:4

Hol v Ital - 1:1
Rom v Fr - 0:2


Portugal to win the tournament.
Tonight, Holland v Italy a draw. 0-0
France to win 3-1.


Both of the games tonight HOL. vs ITA. and ROM. vs FRA to be 0-0 draws

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All participants are now highlighted in Red the winners after the match will be highlighed in Blue. Any more predictions? Just over half an hour before the France match kicks off.

EDIT: Predictions for France vs Romania match NOW CLOSED. Predictions for the Italy vs Holland match is STILL OPEN
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