Found 25th Sep 2008

HDWMVs (usually weigh in at about 8 GB from what ive seen). I know that they can be written to Dual Layers and played straight through the 360.

Can these be put (unsplitt) onto usb external hard drives now? I know when i last dabbled into this there was some kind of file size limit with external HD's of around 4GB, but im reading that this might now not be the case, can anyone advise me?

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I think its called MacDrive but if you partition an external HDD with it the Xbox will recognise it and it will alow file sizes of over 4Gb

I just use an ethernet cable and media sharing on my computer to stream the movies but I am after an External HDD

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ahhhh thats what i had been reading. am streaming stuff over at the minute but was thinking about chucking some money at a 500GB drive and filling it full of music and movies and having it connected to the 360 just for the convenience. Might even opt for a 750 going to look at what deals are available

Yeah go for it

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did!! Went to ebuyer, there 640GB Western Digital External drive! No more streaming over the network. Lets just hope now that it works!

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Update to anyone who is interested. I can confirm this works like a charm! 640GB formatted in Windows with Mac Drive to HFS+ format. Dragged over thousands of MP3s and a few HDWMVs (yes, all around 8GB in one file) and they work like a charm! No more wasting Dual Layers for films now!

And also, it FINALLY this way lets you browse your folders rather than organise them the way the 360 does when streaming over network, which i hated before! Would recommend this to anyone
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