movie recommendations

    I like the 80's and 90's teen movies like Porkys and National Lampoon sort of movies
    Any recommendations.


    It's a new film btw

    theres loads.... bachelor party , teen wolf, teen witch, outrageous fortune, troop beverly hills


    How about American Pie 1-3?

    House Party 1-3

    Class Act


    Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    Weird Science

    Ferris Buellers Day Off

    I assume you know this already though

    Original Poster

    Yeah my all time faves are Ferris Bueller, Clueless, Weird Science, Animal House, Revenge Of The Nerds etc.

    Teen Wolf for me deteriorated with age, doesnt seem good anymore,

    80's films are the best, fact :-D
    Channel 5 recently did a best of, ]here.

    Back To The Future!!!

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    OOO forgot about the Breakfast Club, Brat Pack movies are great like Molly Ringwald films my fave is Pretty in Pink.

    BTTF is cool but bored of watching it

    i am legend i tell you! I AM LEGEND!

    Breakfast club all the way!!! Greatest movie of all time lol. Try Teen Wolf too, The Thing, Big Trouble In Little China. Loads lol

    Blues Brothers.....My all time favourite, seen it 46 times now, and still counting.

    I am a member of and on there you can put in your favourite movies, and get sugestions of simular movies, do quizes and lots of stuff. Great place. If anyone are joining and wanna be on my friends list, search for Ofsteng, and I am the one with a doggie pic in profile. Let me know you come from here, as I do not add anybody asking.

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