Found 15th Mar 2007
I'm doing a movie survey about characters and am asking if anyone could do the survey for me as I'm in some real need of data. Its quite short and sound clips and what not to keep you entertained. Its basically a survey about which movie characters people like of certain age groups and whether or not having kids changes peoples decision on different characters.

As I say help would be very much appreciated and please let me know of any comments you have about what you thought of the survey if you do it.

Here's the link…sh/…sh/

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not a big tv or movie fan but i'll check it out 4 u :thumbsup:

done it for you mate - a bit repetitive

i couldnt do it cos didnt know half the ppl on there..sorry

I filled out everything except the 'Who is the most?' and 'which character would you?' sections, which are unbearable. Obviously that means I can't submit my results...


ok ive done it:thumbsup:

have done it 4 u

All done.

Hth :-d
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