Movie - The 300

    I saw the 300 movie last night - what did you guys think of it?

    I thought the fight scenes were great, but there was a bit too much sop in certain places. I was just thinking, "More fighting please"! And why did Leonadiddies have such a pointy beard?


    I may go see this film this evening, in which case I'll post my comments afterwards! All I can surmise about a pointy beard (!!) is that this was supposed to be "based" upon the graphic novel genre, so it could be a quirky beard (i.e. distinguishing feature for that character)!


    And why did Leonadiddies have such a pointy beard?

    lol who knows

    i was also looking for more fighting!

    Got my tickets booked for Tuesday. I'm not really interested, it's my friend that wants to see it.

    I thought it was pretty boring. The action and style etc were amazing, don't get me wrong, but I don't think it worked as a complete film... Just wave after wave of killing.


    Film was amazing haha


    Spartans .... tonight we dine in hell.......
    [SIZE=2]bit like been on here sometimes :giggle: [/SIZE]

    ?Congrats on 1000+ post dog_cop

    I want to watch 300

    yea , i enjoyed it, some good scenes, but know what you mean emma about the sop!!

    well worth watching:thumbsup:



    ?Congrats on 1000+ post dog_copI want to watch 300

    thanks deal :thumbsup:

    and congrats from me to dog_cop :thumbsup:


    [SIZE=2]I found the whole film riviting and as its nearly 2hs long I didnt get restless like some films I have been to see recently, as for the sop, dont agree, its all about the story of love , and war and principles.. go see... if you dont want sop.. go see something like stomp the yard..chewing gum for the eyes:whistling: [/SIZE]



    and congrats from me to dog_cop :thumbsup:

    so kind sofia:-D

    Great film but not too sure about the War-rhino

    FIGHTING SCENES WERE GOOD. Did they film most of this on blue screens ? alot of the backgrounds looked fake, thought they could have done better

    The spartans oiled each other and combed their hair before a battle... which History has recorded that they were happy to bed each other (males) and had their shieldsmen/colleagues as lovers as it built a bond and theyd die for each other etc..

    The spartans as a city state were vicous and nasty pieces of work (historically) as they lived for combat and forced other city states as slaves to do their farming etc for them.. when any children were not fit for citezenship they were murdered. When adolescents grew up they were also cast out (as all portrayed in the film) to fend for themselves, the city then sent out other teenagers to hunt them down and kill/torture them to build character!.

    The director used similar tech from his original film "sin city" - the monotones and delibrate effects.

    An impressive film, captures most of the historical encounter with some fictionalisation!

    I was really disappointed with the film. Battle scenes great, the rest was very dull. The first 45 minutes was like watching an episode of "Rome" in slow motion and with the contrast on the TV turned down.

    Wait until there's a HotUKDeal on the DVD for a fiver, that's my advice!

    i loved the crab man, the man with crab like arms.. product of historian drug taking i believe. I watched the film when i was ill and thought it was ok, some great sets or atmosphere or effects. but no plot and over macho undertones. this film came off over the top , almost ;propoganda regarding the middle east (through my drunken naivive eyes) and rather .. whats the word? homoerotic ? i dont know

    Was going to watch this in cinema but was available the very next day it was released in America online in near dvd quality.Think it cost about $60m.As stated the fight scenes are awesome but thats about it and has nudity thrown in for the sake of it.
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